The Mounds Park Academy Library is a lively academic center that supports Lower, Middle and Upper School students and faculty. The Library includes a wide range of print and non-print resources accessible from home—and a professional staff to meet the information needs of the community, support the PreK–12 curriculum, and encourage reading as a life-long skill.

Lower School Library Program

2020欧洲杯预赛最新积分榜 A comprehensive and age-appropriate program that involves literature, imagination, and information. It includes weekly classes for grades PreK through four, where students focus on reading, research, and literacy.

Middle and Upper School

2020欧洲杯预赛最新积分榜Students use the MPA Library for research, reading, and studying. The Library staff collaborates with teachers, both formally and informally, to ensure students are prepared to learn in a digital age. The Library website provides students access to high quality resources including academic databases where they are taught how to research, evaluate, and effectively and ethically use information.

MidAmerica Books wants to make sure that no child will be without access to books while schools and libraries are closed. They are generously giving free access to all of their eBooks and databases through June, 2020.





Nancy Lage, Librarian

Kristy Petrich, Library Assistant